How to Access ATB Tech’s Resources

Are you a small business looking to keep your electronic and network resources safe and protected? Look no further, the team at ATB can help you create a set of policies and procedures that help to protect both your business and your employees. What’s more? There is no cost to access the ATB resource center when you register below.
The resource center includes complimentary and customizable templates that can be used to create the following documents for your workplace: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Password Construction Guidelines, Password Policy and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy. By downloading these templates you can have greater confidence that your business will experience fewer security risks as a result of employee negligence.

If creating IT policies is something you haven’t done before because it has always seemed like an overwhelming or daunting task, you’ve come to the right place. Download ATB’s customizable, free templates by registering with our site below and you’ll be ready to implement these easy-to-use and enforceable policies almost immediately. Whether you choose to download the templates from ATB or you prefer to pay for them elsewhere, whatever you do, don’t delay getting these policies in place. Waiting may come with a significant cost if you get caught with a network breach. Complete the form below for complimentary access to our resource center today!

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