You pay a predictable monthly fee. When you have an IT service need, you call us, and we take care of it. That’s it.

Typical IT providers offer tiered packages of support based on user or device count. They offer a base rate for routine maintenance, but things like anti-virus software, cybersecurity training, emergency onsite service, and more often incur additional fees.

While the base rate may look like a good fit for your budget, the unpredictable fees are an unwelcome surprise. That’s why we did away with traditional pricing models and complicated fee structures.

Get IT Support That Won’t Let You Down at a Price That Won’t Unexpectedly Go Up.

ATB’s IT support includes everything.

Strategic Consulting

Our experts bring proactive strategy and a breadth of knowledge – and they’re backed up by a deep team that can handle any area of IT. From easy onboarding, to weekly visits, to quarterly IT goal reviews that provide game-changing value, you’ll get the strategic services you need to keep your business on the cutting-edge.

Network Management

We take care of all of your network needs – from firewall and router management to server performance monitoring to warranty management and more. Other companies will charge you additional fees for things like domain name management or software packages. We don’t. Every managed service is included in your monthly price.

Device Management

All of your devices – taken care of. From Windows and Mac updates, to printer and smart phone support, to hardware disposal and decommission, we ensure that all of your devices are functioning the way your business needs them to be. We won’t charge extra for benefits like performance monitoring, updates, or management software.


We implement comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that drastically reduce your business’s cybersecurity risks. From email spam filtering software, to antivirus software, to multi-factor authentication software. We even offer services like dark web monitoring and user training, all of which are included in your monthly service package.

24/7 Support Desk

No matter what and no matter when, we can help solve your IT problems. You’ll get access to 24/7 support, including support case tracking, email support, and even new user account creation and setup. If we need to come on-site to provide support, we will – quickly and at no extra cost to your business. We get things fixed, fast.

Cloud Services

Our experts help you to capitalize on the power of the cloud with the solutions that best serve your business needs. From managed backups, to cloud environment optimization, to VMware virtualization updates, we’ll ensure that your technologies are running well and that your team is supported – no matter where they’re working from.


We’re able to deliver cost-savings through economies of scale. By utilizing the buying power of all our clients, we allow small businesses to access cutting-edge technologies and tools. Our experts are well-versed in the best solutions on the market, and can help your business to obtain and implement systems that will give you an advantage.

The ATB Assurance:

Our service will never let you down.
Our clients span the corporate, manufacturing, and nonprofit sectors. Not a single client has left our service due to a poor experience in over five years. We’re confident that you’ll also be so satisfied with our IT support that you’ll never want to switch.

"All of the surprise outages and disruptions that we experienced before ATB practically disappeared after making the switch."

- Andy Hill - ECM Industries LLC

"2e has grown from a small agency to a growing mid-size company over the past few years, and we couldn’t have done it without ATB. Their ability to manage our growing network, larger staff, and complex infrastructure has been essential to our day-to-day operations as well as our plans for future expansion."

- Mike Ferrel - 2e

"Our partnership with ATB Technologies has impacted our business wholly and completely. ATB has allowed our company to evolve and supports our communications, ERP, and reporting systems. If not for their support, our business would not continue to survive. ATB is part of our family, we won’t let them go."

- Todd Keske - Foam Supplies, Inc.


How will you calculate my IT support quote?

We’ll consult with you to identify your requirements and craft a service package that meets them, considering your number of users, your number of desktops, and your business needs. We won’t oversell you on solutions you don’t need, and we won’t tack on additional service fees. All of our clients get all-inclusive support.

Are there additional setup costs?

Absolutely not. Unlike many IT providers, we don’t tack on fees for switching to our services. When you work with us, you standardize your costs.

How long does it take to deploy my IT service package?

The exact timeline will depend on your business and your needs, but, typically, we can have your services up and running in a few weeks or less. Our consultants will work with you to ensure that any transition is as smooth and efficient as possible.

You said “everything” is included. What does that mean?

It means that we meet all of your IT needs. We consult with you to determine the combination of technologies and services that are best for your business. These can include:

• Email Spam Filtering Software
• Patch Management Software
• Next-Gen Anti-Virus Software
• Mobile Device Management
• Cybersecurity Training
• Dark Web Monitoring
• Multi-Factor Authentication Software
• Password Manager
• Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365/GSuite
• Monthly Proactive Onsite Visits

And much more. It’s all delivered at your monthly rate, with no additional costs or extra fees. When we say “everything”, we mean any IT support you need.

Does this include onsite visits?

It does. We want to be onsite to talk to your staff and resolve any issues that can't be fixed remotely. We love the in-person connections and believe they’re valuable in our partnership.

Ready to Get Started?

Here’s how to get IT support that will never let you down.


Schedule a call.
We’ll discuss your business, assess your needs, and begin to chart a path forward toward better IT.


Craft an ideal solution.
Our expert consultants will collaborate with you to identify the IT solutions that will give you an advantage.


Make a seamless switch.
Our award-winning team will help you to transition quickly to support services that will never let you down.

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