Business meetings can sometimes feel long and counterproductive, but what if you could turn business discussions and conversations into immediate actionable items that support your bottom line? With today’s advances in AI, you can. Here are four tools on the market that have the potential to transform your virtual business meetings into a more productive tool for your organization.

  1. Read

Read is an AI tool that works with a variety of virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Webex. The program joins your meeting as a participant and generates reports, recaps, transcripts, and audio and video playbacks. Meeting participants can focus on the conversation, not taking notes, as Read automates a summary of the topics discussed and provides action items and key questions that arose along with recommendations. The program provides valuable insight into real-time sentiment and engagement metrics and automatically suggests optimizations to improve meeting engagement. 

  1. Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is an AI integration for Microsoft 365 products, including Teams. Using Copilot, participants can “Follow” a Teams meeting to receive a transcript, summary, meeting notes and more. The program enables users to ask any question about the meeting. Request a list of actionable items or points of disagreement or ask Copilot to create a table of pros and cons on a topic of discussion, and the solution provides the information instantaneously. You can ask Copilot questions while the meeting is ongoing or after its conclusion. Bonus: you can be in two virtual meetings at once by following both meetings and receiving the meeting information afterward. 

  1. Fathom

Fathom is an AI notetaker that records, transcribes, highlights and summarizes your meetings. The service is free for unlimited recording, transcription and summarization, with a premium version for advanced features like AI-generated action items and meeting summary templates. The program automatically syncs summaries and tasks with CRMs to help streamline follow-ups. Fathom has direct integrations with Zoom, Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce and and works with any video-conferencing platform and language or compliance requirements. 

  1. OtterPilot

OtterPilot is an AI meeting assistant that auto-joins Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams and takes notes, records audio, generates summaries and answers questions. Participants can follow along live on the web or on the iOS or Android app. OtterPilot also captures and assigns action items, with complete context of the discussion, and allows users to highlight key points and add comments. The program also captures slides and inserts them into its notes and enables users to ask questions to mine the transcripts for further information. OtterPilot can also be directed to create follow-up emails and custom meeting summaries.

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