Award-Winning IT Service Provider Celebrates 22nd Anniversary

When ATB Technologies CEO and Founder Ramon Bahl dreamed about starting his own IT company, he envisioned something rarely seen in the tech support space: an IT company that placed equal emphasis on industry-leading IT expertise and exceptional customer service. He also knew a need existed for support beyond implementing a company’s specific business software, that businesses could thrive if they partnered with a full-service IT company that could provide technology solutions customized to their unique business goals and needs. 

Turns out, those key ingredients were foundational to growing ATB Technologies into the thriving IT service provider now celebrating its 22nd year in business. 

“Everybody tells you they’re good at customer service,” Ramon said. “We don’t just say it. We do it. I always tell everybody we’re not an IT company. We’re a customer service company that does IT.”

It all started in the basement of Ramon’s home. While working as a senior business consultant at a private company, Ramon and a coworker discussed starting an IT service company. When the economy took a downturn in 2002, Ramon’s employer laid off more than a third of its employees. The two decided it was time. Ramon resigned from his position, spent the month of March planning, and the two officially launched ATB Technologies in the basement of Ramon’s home on April 1, 2002. By August 2002, the company had to hire a third employee. 

Today, ATB Technologies is an award-winning company providing a wide array of services, from managed IT services and vCIO support to cybersecurity consulting and cloud storage solutions. Ramon is proud to report ATB hasn’t had an unsatisfied customer in more than five years. 

Since its inception, ATB has grown significantly. In 2018, Ramon bought out his partner and became 100% owner of the company. The same year, ATB moved into 6,500 square feet of office space, where a large sign on the side of the building now provides brand visibility to drivers on I-64/Hwy 40 in Chesterfield. The addition of a vice president for sales and marketing took the company’s growth to an even higher level. In the last five years, ATB maxed out its office space after growing to 30 employees. To accommodate added employees and client growth, the company expanded in 2023, increasing its total workspace by 69% to 11,000 square feet. The same year, Ramon welcomed three of his employees as new business partners and minority owners of ATB, setting a course for business longevity. The new leadership team is smart, focused, and ready to take ATB to the next level and work hard for their customers and employees.

Ramon says a big part of ATB’s success can be attributed to his team.

“If you’re in a room and you’re the smartest person in the room with all your managers, then you’re doing it wrong,” he said. “You need to have people surrounding you that are going to take your company to a higher level and make sure you’re there just to lead them. My job is to knock any roadblocks out of the way, so they can do a great job. A good leader surrounds himself with good people who want to be there, who are dedicated, and he makes their job easier.”

Ramon is proudest of the fact that ATB has been able to grow in a way that remains faithful to the company’s core values. ATB’s team remains committed to providing “IT support and consulting that will never let you down.” 

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