Cloud Services encompasses the entire hosted services technologies in the IT world. There are many different cloud services providers, each offering specific benefits of cloud technology. But how do you know if your organization is ready to take advantage the benefits of cloud computing? While there are many articles touting the advantages of cloud computing, what does an organization need to benefit from these advantages? How do I know which cloud service I should use?

At ATB, we offer cloud services, such as cloud hosting, cloud storage, cloud infrastructure and remote backup. But, before we move your entire network to the cloud we sit with you and review the advantages and disadvantages. We understand that every company is different. Companies have different budgets, different needs and different risk tolerances. We help you weigh those against the options that are available in the cloud. We can help you determine if you should utilize a public or private could, or if you should move part of your network or all of your network to a cloud offering. Since we handle both cloud and on premise solutions, we can be unbiased and make sure you have the best long term solution for your company.

As more and more companies look to increase their technology while not doubling their investment in technology, the cloud becomes a more relevant solution. However, before you jump in, contact ATB and let us work with you to ensure you are utilizing the cloud technology that is best for you.

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