The volume and availability of data continue to grow – and the businesses that capitalize on data are the ones that thrive. At the same time, however, the increasing abundance of data can be overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be. Data should drive your business forward.

With business data analysis services from ATB Technologies, you can harness the power of your data to make better decisions and empower your business.

ATB Provides Data Analysis Services Through Microsoft Solutions to Unlock the Value of Your Data.

Our business data analysis services enhance decision-making capabilities through the use of data, statistics, quantitative analysis, and predictive modeling that are powered through Microsoft solutions.

Our team of business analytics (BA) experts will help your organization capitalize on your existing data and provide analytical insights for improved business decision making. Our comprehensive set of knowledge surrounding BA allows us to help our clients improve their business processes while simultaneously reducing costs and driving innovation.

Enhance data collection and visibility. Access powerful insights through analysis. Make better decisions based on data.

What Makes ATB Different?

You can forget about SLAs.

Other companies are careful to define the floor of their service and the details of how they’ll navigate worst-case scenarios. We don’t do SLAs because we’re more concerned with raising the bar.

You’ll get flexible technology.

Other companies will push you towards certain a technology stack so that they can make their margins bigger. Our experts will help you select from industry-leading tools, guiding you toward the best fit, not into a box.

You’ll get a partner, not just a product.

Other IT companies chase new sales to replace dissatisfied clients. Our growth happens through long-term partnerships. Our people-first approach is the reason we’ve retained 100% of our clients for the past three years.

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