Why Work With ATB Technologies

We won’t let you down.

That’s not just a slogan. It’s a promise based on proven results. We haven’t had an unsatisfied client in over five years – because we do what it takes to deliver IT support you can trust.

When You Work With Us:

You can forget about SLAs.

Other companies are careful to define the floor of their service and the details of how they’ll navigate worst-case scenarios. We don’t do SLAs because we’re more concerned with raising the bar.

You’ll get flexible technology.

Other companies will push you towards a certain technology stack so that they can make their margins bigger. Our experts will help you select from industry-leading tools, guiding you toward the best fit, not into a box.

You’ll get a partner, not just a product.

Other IT companies chase new sales to replace dissatisfied clients. Our growth happens through long-term partnerships. Our people-first approach is the reason we’ve retained 100% of our clients for the past five years.

The bottom line is that, when you work with us, you’ll never want to switch.

Case Study

Our IT support doesn’t let you down – and our strategy lifts you up. As part of our partnership with St. Vincent Home for Children, we were able to help them win a $92,000 grant to level-up their technology. Through strategic advising and support, we identified areas of need in their technology infrastructure and assisted them during the application process.

Now, they’ll be able to better serve the St. Louis youth community. See how our support helped.

Who We Are

We think our people are great – and our clients do, too. Our team is the foundation of our industry-leading support. Here is a sample of who you’ll work with.

Ramon Bahl

Leading a team of talented, experienced and knowledgeable IT professionals who guide small to medium sized organizations beyond the technology bottlenecks and deliver solutions that impact company growth.

Christopher Miller
VP, Sales & Marketing

Bringing ideas and success stories to the table to allow business leaders to make an educated decision about which technology tools will enable them to best serve their clients.

Ben Van Noord
Network Services Manager

Fosters strong client relationships by managing the implementation of methodologies that continuously improve customer support to achieve first call resolution.

Chris Mercer
Technology Manager

Serving ATB's clients since 2020, experienced IT consultant and system administrator with expertise in IT management, networking, and more. Holds certifications in Security+, Network+, and MCSA for Windows 10.

Connor Qualy
Decision Support Services Manager

Leveraging a background in help desk, customer service, web development, and graphic design to improve the experience of ATB clients since 2012.

Patrick Brennan
Account Executive

A senior sales professional with extensive experience in promoting custom tailored business services solutions, utilizing a strong background in business operations, IT staffing, and cloud computing.

How We Got Started

ATB Technologies was founded in St. Louis in 2002 by Ramon Bahl.

Prior to founding the company, Ramon had served in executive-level IT and finance positions in the healthcare and nonprofit sectors. Those experiences made him aware of the technology challenges facing St. Louis organizations, and, as a result, our company was created to offer comprehensive, strategic technology solutions that would make IT an advantage.

Today, ATB Technologies is recognized as one of the top IT companies in St. Louis. We’ve won a litany of awards and have not had a dissatisfied client in over five years.

Get IT support that won’t let you down.

Is ATB Technologies the Right Fit for Your Business?

Download our partner evaluation guide to find out. The first step toward better IT support is to research your options. We’ve put this guide together to aid you in that process.

Learn how we deliver IT support that won’t let you down.



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