Advisory Services

ATB Technologies’ virtual chief information officer (vCIO) offering focuses on helping our clients stay on top of the latest technologies, collaborating on ways to best leverage technology, and guiding IT execution over time.

ATB provides experienced leaders to serve as IT liaisons for your executive team and business partners. We start by understanding your key business goals and objectives. ATB will also want to learn about your technical strengths, limitations, and requirements.

Our vCIO service brings the comprehensive IT, business, and operating experience needed to develop a roadmap that addresses questions such as:

Early in our collaboration, we generally complete a current state assessment of your key IT components, including network, hardware infrastructure and/or cloud-based solutions, applications, strategies, budgets, vendors, staffing or contracting model, and policies. We also work with you to consider the implications of your industry environment and regulations.

After leveraging our tools and experience to complete the assessment, we work with you to develop an IT strategy and roadmap that aligns with your organization’s priorities.

Often, the roadmap focuses on:

  • Priorities that enable effective operations.
  • Revenue and profit maximization.
  • Customer and employee centricity.

The nature of this partnership often focuses on ensuring you have the right IT foundation for your organization, advising on key initiatives, and adapting over time to best meet your needs.

Depending on the scenario, this may advance over time as far as oversight of IT execution that influences the strategy of your organization or provides a competitive advantage. We also bring experience and proven methods that effectively integrate people, process, regulatory compliance, customer, and change management considerations to deliver integrated, sustainable business solutions. To learn more about ATB’s vCIO services, contact us today.