If you’re like many growing businesses, planning for and managing storage needs is an important aspect of your IT strategy. With a variety of storage options on the market today, including cloud, disk, flash and hybrid, it’s easier than ever to find the storage solution that is right for you and your business. Though relatively new, hybrid storage providers, such as Nimble, are combining the performance powers of flash and disk into powerful hybrid systems with impressive storage and efficiency capabilities.

Nimble Storage has redefined traditional storage to provide their own breed of high performing, low latency and highly available centralized storage. Nimble Storage Area Networks (SANs) are a high end solution to your business’ centralized storage needs. Nimble SANs not only take up significantly less physical space in a server cabinet, but they also provide superior performance and competitive storage space when compared to other more traditional storage vendors. Nimble also has the ability to take snapshots of the datastores on the SANs, providing a recovery point to restore from. And when paired with VMware snapshot, companies using Nimble Storage have multiple points of recovery during scheduled upgrades. Like most other storage vendors, Nimble offers SAN to SAN replication, which is a great method for offsite data replication.

Unlike their competitors, Nimble does not charge separately for licensing associated with the SAN to SAN replication feature. Additionally, Nimble SANs are able to operate in any existing iSCSI or fiber channel storage network. Together, these features make Nimble Storage a cost effective data storage solution.

Additional benefits of Nimble Storage include:

  • Increased Efficiency – Organization’s no longer need to trade performance for greater capacity and lower costs. Nimble’s accelerated read and write operations, thereby boosting productivity.
  • Data Integrity – Unplanned downtime, outages and failures are costly. Nimble Storage offers powerful backup and recovery technologies, including automated point-in-time snapshots, to protect data, prevent downtime and enable quick failover and data restoration in case of an unexpected disaster.
  • Streamlined Storage Management – Time-consuming data collation and storage administration are a thing of the past. Nimble Storage’s data analytics portal consolidates and presents complex information in easy to understand graphical reports, making storage management simple and easy to understand.

Don’t wait until you’re out of storage space for your business critical data to think about upgrading to Nimble. Contact the professionals at ATB technology today to learn more about how a centralized storage solution might work for your business, 314-878-4166.

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