VMWare, Inc. provides cloud and visualization software and services. First introduced to the market in 1998 VMWare’s virtualization platform has been the market leader for the past decade. Its enterprise software solution for servers is considered a bare-metal hypervisor because it runs directly on server hardware without requiring an additional underlying operating system. The adaptation of server virtualization was slow early on, however over the past 5 years it has become the standard for network infrastructure. The benefits that come along with virtual servers are so vast the converting to a virtual environment is a requirement for many of today’s software applications. Virtual server provide a much higher utilization of resources, increase uptime, tremendous backup and disaster recovery capabilities and increase upgrade ability.

ATB Technologies began implementing our first VMware virtual server in 2005. After numerous successful implementations we decided to make deployment of virtual server a requirement for all of our client networks. This has given us the ability to provide a simple, cost effective network solution with high availability, centralized storage capacity, built in disaster recovery and daily server imaging. Our clients experience minimal, if any, down time – even when software updates need to be applied or servers need to be restored. Because of server virtualization, technology is never a limitation to our clients’ ability to grow.

Many business today are still spending too much time dealing with technology pains and limitations. These distractions create fear and hesitation for management. This limits growth and prohibits competitive advancement for a business. Our team has witnessed the transformation an organization can experience when the technology infrastructure promote growth instead of preventing improvement. The first step is to develop a proper network design and road map.

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