As a business owner or C-suite-level business leader, you make strategic business decisions every day. However, not every business executive has the knowledge, skills or bandwidth to sort through the technology options that can support their bottom line and then see them through to fruition.

At ATB Technologies, we’ve designed our vCIO (virtual chief information officer) service to provide just the kind of strategic partnership business leaders need. With vCIO, we provide executive-level guidance and oversight to ensure your IT is working for you and supporting your goals for growth.

We’re different.

Most vCIO services are nothing more than technical account managers. At ATB, our vCIO experts have more than two decades of experience in the IT industry. They get to know your business’s goals and vulnerabilities, help you choose software that best supports your needs and protocols, and keep your data and resources safe from threats or downtime. Our vCIO service helps businesses make strategic decisions that align with company goals and optimize the value of their technology. Moreover, ATB offers access to consultants in specialized areas. 

“We find the right person for the need,” said Chris Miller, vice president of sales and marketing. “Our vCIO will take point on any strategic project and bring the right resources around them to deliver a solution to your needs.”

Through its vCIO services program, ATB provides experienced leaders to serve as IT liaisons for your executive team and business partners. We start by understanding your key business goals and objectives. ATB completes an assessment of your key IT components, including network, hardware infrastructure, and/or cloud-based solutions, applications, strategies, budgets, vendors, staffing or contracting model, and policies. We also work with you to consider the implications of your industry environment and regulations.

Once ATB has a better understanding of your business and goals, our vCIO staff will work with you to develop an IT strategy and roadmap that aligns with your organization’s priorities, emphasizing solutions that enable effective operations, maximize revenue and profit, and center the customer and employee experience.

ATB believes in ensuring you have the right IT foundation for success. We can advise on key initiatives and help your business adapt to changes over time to best meet your ongoing needs. If you’re interested in building a strategic partnership that ensures your IT works for you, not against you, find out more and schedule a free consultation.

We’re ready to help and provide IT support that never lets you down.

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