As the importance of data and virtualization continues to grow for your business, so does the need for centralized storage. Centralized storage is essential for any network that requires uptime assurance, growth capabilities and advanced functionality. While centralized storage has long been popular with large corporations, with today’s technology small and medium sized business can also reap the benefits of a centralized storage architecture.

There are several tangible benefits associated with central data storage. First and foremost, when data is kept in one place, it’s easier to manage. Because you’re dealing with a single, consistent set of data, it means you can more closely monitor data protection and security. Furthermore, because everything is one place, you can focus your resources in a more singular direction, ultimately saving time and money.

Another key benefit to centralized storage is business uptime. Many small business owners don’t fully appreciate how costly downtime is for their organizations, but here’s the reality: uptime is revenue and the only way uptime can only be guaranteed if your network is designed to leverage several processing host servers that can all connect to a centralized repository of data.

Further benefits of central data storage include flexibility and the ability to recover from disaster. Centralized storage allows for your organization to take advantage of different technologies that are available for accessing data, meaning your business can use the connectivity technology that works best for your specific system. Central data storage also improves disaster recovery and resiliency, allowing all data to be replicated from a single device to another single device at an offsite location. This level of continuity is much harder to achieve without a centralized disk.

At ATB Technologies, we have years of experience designing and implementing onsite and cloud-based central data storage solutions. And while some may argue that centralized storage is an unnecessary expense, our experience shows that the redundancy, disk performance and reliability gained by utilizing centralized storage ultimately yields a lower cost over the lifetime of the technology. With our expertise and partnership with both Nimble and EMC, we are able to build, configure and deliver the centralized storage solution that is right for your organization. Let us help your develop a network design around the storage unit that best fits your business’ strategic plan. Contact the team at ATB today, 314-878-4166, to learn more about how central data storage solutions can work for you!

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