Managing the unpredictable demand for storage capacity is a challenge for just about any business. Not only is the volume of critical business data growing, but the cost associated with downtime is at an all all-time high. In the past, companies would be forced to buy additional servers to house all the data it was accumulating. However, over the past few years, the utilization of a Storage Area Network (SAN) has become a much better way to house data. EMC, an industry leader in storage since 1979, offers several SAN solutions that can give your organization the flexibility to meet your configuration and connectivity requirements as your business grows. Whether your business has already virtualized its servers or you are looking to virtualize your servers for the first time, EMC SANs can work for you. What’s more, EMC SANs are able to operate in any existing iSCSI or fiber channel storage network.

EMC SAN storage solutions delivers significant benefits to your business.

  • Storage and server consolidation not only means fewer resources for you to manage, but it also can significantly reduce costs associated with storage solutions.
  • Storage consolidation provides for superior business continuity. Consolidation means that data can be managed, controlled and synchronized more efficiently, yielding superior replication and recovery options in case of disaster.
  • SAN storage enables your business to readily manage growth, providing the flexibility your business needs to meet increasing demand for storage capacity.
  • Centralized storage management and automated control of devices results in significant storage management efficiencies and ultimately requires fewer people to manage increasingly more data.

In order to provide the performance required by today’s servers and applications, EMC storage leverages enterprise solid state drives and high performing disk groups within their SAN. And with features like deduplication, replication, snapshots and automatically moving frequently accessed data to faster drives, EMC is able to provide a superior SAN storage solution.

Centralized storage solutions can help your business efficiently store, protect and manage business critical data. Contact the team of IT professionals at ATB Technologies to discover how EMC SAN storage can help your business thrive, 314-878-4166.

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