You’re probably thinking that wireless routers are not the most exciting technology on the market, but a new mesh networking router might just change your mind.  If you’re like most people, you have probably experienced that certain areas or rooms of your home just don’t get a WiFi signal at all or the signal strength is so weak, it’s functionally useless.  With mesh networking routers, such as Eero’s system, you can reclaim all the rooms in your house.

Eero’s technology relies on multiple hubs throughout your house rather than one centrally located access point.  This allows your WiFi enabled device to seamlessly jump from one access point to the next based on a variety of factors, including signal strength and number of devices connected to any single access point at a time.  For larger, older or oddly shaped homes, Eero recommends three hubs to significantly reduce or eliminate WiFi dead zones in your home, but you can connect as many as five hubs without any issue.

And equally as impressive as the WiFi coverage that Eero’s system provides, is the ease of setup.  Unlike many wireless router systems (and network extenders) which can prove to be tremendously frustrating to get up and running, Eero’s smart software allows for quick installation using nothing more than your smartphone.  You literally just have to plug in the first Eero hub into your internet modem and then, using Eero’s iPhone or Android app, you can use Bluetooth to find and configure each additional hub.  As part of the streamlined setup, Eero’s app tests for signal strength and if it notices any interference, it will allow you to test other specific locations in that area of the house to find the most ideal position for each hub.  Even for those that aren’t tech savvy, this is a pleasant experience and will change your opinion of how WiFi setup should be forever.

This is a great opportunity to make your home little happier – because what could be better than a WiFi network that works from anywhere in your house?!?

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