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At ATB Technologies, we provide IT services that are so dependable, we haven’t had an unsatisfied client in over five years. You can get the details behind that statistic by visiting our homepage, but the bottom line is that we do what it takes to make sure your IT is an advantage, not a liability.

We serve businesses with 40+ workstations in the following industries:

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To help you as you evaluate potential IT partners, we’ll discuss how our offering applies to each of the verticals listed above. If your industry is one of those, you can click on the relevant link to jump to your section. If you’d like a general overview of our services, simply read on.

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IT service

How We Deliver IT Service: An Overview

To begin, we’ll present an overview of our IT service, outline what makes our approach unique, and offer a shortlist of common services that we provide. This information should give you an understanding of how we work at a general level; under the industry sections below, we’ll unpack how our approach applies to each vertical.

The managed IT service model

We operate under the managed IT service model. This is a framework of engagement where, for a flat, monthly fee, services are delivered on an ongoing basis. For businesses like yours, choosing a managed IT service provider is essentially like deploying your own comprehensive IT department – at a far lower price point than the solely internal model.

Over the past decade, this kind of engagement has become the model of choice for many mid-sized businesses, largely due to three reasons:

Cost efficiency

As mentioned above, it’s simply more affordable to outsource IT capabilities than it is to hire internally. Salaries, benefits, training, and a variety of other internal costs add up quickly.


Most mid-sized firms can’t afford to hire dozens of IT personnel. That means that internal IT teams are often small, and don’t have experience in every aspect of IT. Managed IT service providers, though, can staff a full team and deploy them as needed, giving businesses access to a full (and scalable) range of capabilities.

Risk reduction

Traditionally, many outsourced IT services operated under a break-fix modality, where support was delivered at an hourly rate when issues occurred. That model is not strategic, however, and that ultimately makes it unpredictable (and often more costly in the long run).

Ongoing services delivered under a managed IT service engagement can prevent issues from occurring in the first place.

At ATB, that’s what we provide – comprehensive IT services that take worry off of your plate, strengthen your systems, and make your IT an advantage.

What makes our service different?

While the managed IT service model is advantageous, it isn’t unique. There are many other St. Louis IT service providers. At ATB, we’re set apart by these things:

We don’t do service-level agreements (SLAs). Other companies are careful to define the floor of their service and the details of how they’ll navigate worst-case scenarios. We don’t do SLAs because we’re more concerned with raising the bar.

You’ll get flexible technology. Other companies will push you towards a certain technology stack to make their margins bigger. Our experts will help you select from industry-leading tools, guiding you toward the best fit, not into a box.

We don’t lose clients. Other IT companies chase new sales to replace dissatisfied clients. Our growth happens through long-term partnerships, which is why we haven’t had an unsatisfied client for over five years.

IT services we provide

Our expert team has capability in a wide range of IT services; if you have specific needs not listed here, get in touch with us – there’s a good chance we have relevant experience.

Our engagements typically entail an all-inclusive collection of services tailored to the needs of your organization and delivered at a flat monthly rate starting at $2,500. For more information, visit our pricing page.

To see how these engagements apply to your industry, read on.

healthcare it service

Healthcare IT Service

We provide healthcare IT service to mid-sized organizations like multi-location practices, long-term care facilities, and regional hospitals.

What makes healthcare IT service unique?

Having served St. Louis healthcare organizations for decades, here’s what we’ve seen that makes service in this space distinct from general IT services.

The need for reliable internal communications. Nurses, doctors, and desk staff are constantly in communication to provide quality care. Scheduling needs to work seamlessly. Platforms like Vocera and One Call are critical to set up and maintain correctly so that providers can facilitate patient care.

HIPAA compliance. Your IT systems will be involved in processing and storing patient data, and so it’s essential that your IT provider is familiar with this piece of legislation.

Healthcare-specific technologies. Many organizations rely on an EHR or EMR to manage patient relationships. IT providers that don’t understand these technologies will struggle to provide adequate support.

What are the benefits of our IT service for healthcare?

At ATB, we have decades of experience serving St. Louis healthcare organizations. Here’s how our services help healthcare providers, specifically.

Optimized internal systems. We have the expertise to handle everything that’s involved with the internal communications systems that healthcare providers rely on.

Cybersecurity to protect patient data. We understand the importance of HIPAA compliance and have experience protecting and hardening systems that manage patient data.

Want to learn more about our healthcare IT services? Visit our industry page or schedule a free consult with one of our experts.

nonprofit IT service

Nonprofit IT Service

We provide IT service to local St. Louis nonprofits so that they can continue serving our community. Our consulting recently helped St. Vincent Home for Children to win a $92,000 grant to level-up their technology – you can read more on that story here.

What makes nonprofit IT service unique?

If you work in the nonprofit space, you’re probably well aware that it’s different from the business world. IT services for nonprofits are different, too.

Nonprofits have specific budgetary requirements. Usually, IT budgets require approval from the board and can only be adjusted on an annual basis (although the pandemic impacted many planning cycles). This means that plans must be road mapped well in advance and presented clearly for approval. Strategic consulting is very helpful here.

There are specific technology discounts available to nonprofits. Often, nonprofits are able to access tools at reduced costs. TechSoup, for example, showcases a wide range of corporate programs that nonprofits can benefit from.

Donor security is important. Depending on the nature of the nonprofit, donor payment information may be stored in organizational systems. It’s critical to keep this safe; breaches can be disastrous and erode donor trust.

What are the benefits of our IT service for nonprofits?

Nonprofits can reap a variety of benefits from quality IT services. However, it’s worth noting that many nonprofits have frustrating experiences with IT providers who don’t treat them as a priority. At ATB, we do.

When you work with us – a provider who understands and prioritizes nonprofit needs – here’s what you’ll get.

Access to IT strategy. Most nonprofits aren’t equipped to develop robust IT strategy; if they have internal IT folks, they’re often busy simply getting to every minor ticket. Our IT services allow nonprofits to tap into an expert team. The result is clearer technology roadmaps that account for budgeting and lead to better systems.

Donor management tool optimization. Our internal team of developers can help you to optimize your donor management platform for maximum security and efficiency.

Want to learn more about our nonprofit IT services? Visit our industry page or schedule a free consult with one of our experts.

engineering IT service

Engineering IT Service

We provide engineering IT services to firms with 40+ workstations.

What makes engineering IT service unique?

While engineering may seem like just another “professional services” industry, we’ve found that this vertical has specific IT needs that set it apart.

On-site systems are important. The cloud has been a buzzword for over a decade now – but the truth is that, in the engineering industry, on-site systems are often still a better option. That’s because design tools like CAD require resources that benefit from on-premises installs. This makes on-site support for engineering even more critical than it is for many other industries.

Project collaboration platforms need to be optimized. Engineering projects require multiple communication layers, with workflows that involve architects, contractors, clients, and other stakeholders. It’s critical that collaboration platforms are optimized so that work can be delivered efficiently and securely.

What are the benefits of IT service for engineering firms?

At ATB Technologies, our experience in engineering IT provides companies with an advantage.

Your design tools will be deployed and maintained seamlessly. We know what resources are required, and we can ensure that your systems are configured so that CAD and other tools work the way you need them to.

Your communications systems will be streamlined. We know what engineering workflows are like and can customize your platforms accordingly.

Want to learn more about our engineering IT services? Visit our industry page [LINK] or schedule a free consult with one of our experts.

finance IT service

Finance IT Service

We provide IT services for mid-sized finance firms like regional banks, credit unions, financial advisors, and more.

What makes finance IT service unique?

The answer to this question is fairly simple: security and compliance considerations set finance IT apart.

Security. Obviously, any organization that processes personally identifying information or payment data must have a robust cybersecurity policy. Hardening your systems is critical; you don’t want to end up like Discover.

Compliance. Relatedly, many finance technology systems require adherence to regulatory standards. Your provider must be familiar with your requirements to provide trustworthy service.

What are the benefits of IT service for finance?

When you work with us, our familiarity with finance IT can give you peace of mind that your systems are being properly taken care of.

You’ll reduce the risk of cybersecurity incidents. Our technicians are well-versed in hardening finance technology systems. We can ensure you sleep well at night knowing that your client data is secure.

You’ll have access to responsive support. There are few industries where issue resolution is more critical. Our award-winning team is known for industry-leading response times.

Want to learn more about our finance IT services? Visit our industry page or schedule a free consult with one of our experts.

IT for manufacturers

Manufacturing IT Service

We provide IT services for local and international manufacturing companies to help them gain an advantage through technology. Our approach works; in fact, Todd Keske of Foam Supplies, Inc. notes that:

“Our partnership with ATB Technologies has impacted our business wholly and completely. ATB has allowed our company to evolve and supports our communications, ERP and reporting systems. If not for their support, our business would not continue to survive. ATB is part of our family, we won’t let them go.”

What makes manufacturing IT service unique?

Manufacturing IT service stands out for its requisite focus on efficiency.

ERP optimization. In the game of efficiency, ERPs can play a huge role. Manufacturing IT providers must understand how to maintain and optimize these systems.

The importance of avoiding downtime. A halted production plant is hugely expensive. IT providers must be able to prevent cybersecurity issues – but, just as importantly, they must be able to design and maintain complex systems so that the floor is always functional.

What are the benefits of IT service for manufacturing companies?

There are a variety of specific benefits, but, at a general level, manufacturers win by improving productivity. IT providers (like ATB) that understand how to accomplish this can be extremely valuable.

You’ll get an ERP that makes your business more efficient. Our in-house development team can customize your system so that you have the data you need to improve your productivity.

You’ll reduce the risk of downtime. We know how to design and maintain manufacturing technologies so that your systems run smoothly – and our team is lightning-fast when it comes to issue response.

Want to learn more about our finance IT services? Visit our industry page or schedule a free consult with one of our experts.

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