One of the great areas of pride at ATB Technologies is our work in the nonprofit community. We have served nonprofit organizations for more than a decade, and as such, we have a solid appreciation for the unique challenges this industry faces. We understand that your organization provides both tangible and intangible value to our community, and we are here to help organizations use technology to work smarter, so that a greater percentage of your income can serve your mission instead of increasing operating costs.

Our technology consulting services are designed to help your nonprofit organization determine how to best integrate technology into your day to day operations while keeping your budgets in line. We have tremendous experience working with 501(c)3 organizations to help them implement technologies that can help track data or report information that may be required to meet governmental regulations associated with maintaining your nonprofit status and can also be useful as supplementary documentation when applying for grants or institutional donations. We have successfully implement systems across a variety of nonprofits to meet the requirements of regulating bodies such as the SEC, FDA, FTC and HIPAA, just to name a few.

The team at ATB Technologies can help your nonprofit with strategic planning, maintenance, installation, infrastructure design and implementation, phone systems and much more. Because of our extensive experience with hardware and software procurement, often times we are able to work directly with our trusted network of world class vendors, such as Microsoft, Cisco and Dell, to acquire software licenses and hardware at significantly reduced costs by leveraging both your 501(c)3 status and our ongoing relationships with these companies. In our experience many not for profit organizations experience an immediate ability to utilize their limited resources more effectively when they implement just a few key technology upgrades.

Contact ATB Technologies today to learn more about how a simple technology assessment can you’re your nonprofit identify opportunities and help you better achieve your mission statement today, 314-878-4166.

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