Cisco Systems is one of the leading names in the technology industry. First introduced to the market in 1984, Cisco is the “gold standard” in security solutions. Even though they have expanded their technology reach significantly over the last 30 years, the heart of the Cisco product family is still routers, switches and firewalls. Cisco devices are the most widely used in IT and continue to provide some of the most reliable and advanced functionality.

Cisco firewalls provide a secure, first line of defense from outside threats for your entire technology infrastructure. These products tackle the new level of threats from today’s sophisticated hackers. Cisco routers and switches are designed to create a more intelligent, responsive and integrated network. Cisco solutions are the center of the most comprehensive advance threat protection portfolio available for organizations.

Utilizing the Cisco product family to protect companies’ technology infrastructure, ATB Technologies has developed a three phased approach. In the first phase, we implement ASA firewalls, securing the entire network from the outside with a single entry point to the internet. In second phase, we leverage Cisco routers and firewalls, configuring them to protect the company data running over security and virtual networks. After ensuring that the network configured and secured against intrusions, we optimize performance by increasing bandwidth and reducing unnecessary overhead.

Almost every day there is a story about a network security breach. Each time the attack is more difficult to identify. While Cisco appliances are one of the best ways to minimize the threats and unwanted intrusions, they can’t do it alone. It takes an understanding of the product line as well as excellent knowledge of enterprise networking to ensure that a Cisco product is installed and configured correctly for your organization. An Incorrect configuration or installation can leave your company more vulnerable and cause great damage to your critical data. To get the most out of your Cisco investment, contact ATB and let their certified technicians help design and implement a security solution that best fits your needs.

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