As American manufacturers strive to become increasingly more efficient and compete more effectively in the global marketplace, the demand for enhanced manufacturing IT infrastructure has also grown dramatically. As your go to manufacturing IT partner, ATB Technologies has more than a decade of experience working with a variety of manufacturing and distribution organizations and their IT systems. As such, we have the knowledge and expertise to not only build a cost effective IT infrastructure, but we also understand the nuances of the manufacturing and distribution industry and can make valuable recommendations as to how to add advanced technologies to your existing platform to enhance productivity and make give your business a competitive edge.

In this day and age, information technology is ever more important across the manufacturing sector. At ATB we can help your organization define and deploy technology to help streamline business processes. Our experience with back-end systems also means we can help you better manage warehouse inventory and transportation or logistics management systems. We can work to enhance product development capabilities, improve quality control and better understand and manage the product lifecycle. We can develop real time analytics to give you access to inventory levels, raw material costs and production outputs. At ATB, we have experience implementing manufacturing IT solutions on both small and large scales, so whether you’re looking for technology to support a specific project with a focused scope or a companywide global initiative, our team of IT manufacturing professionals will help ensure your technology upgrade or transition is efficient and effective.

As operating technology and information technology become increasingly one in the same, a whole new outlook on manufacturing IT is taking shape. Let the team at ATB Technologies help your business become more intelligent, responsive and efficient with integrated manufacturing and distribution technology that is sure to help your organization remain competitive in the marketplace. To learn more about how we can help you improve your manufacturing and distribution processes and achieve your business goals through technology and automation, contact ATB today, 314-878-4166.