In today’s digital business environment, email functionality has become an essential communication tool. Whether you’re collaborating on a project with a co-worker, scheduling pick-ups and deliveries with a vendor or interacting with a customer, email is a critical aspect of your business and productivity seemingly comes to a halt when your organization’s email functionality is compromised.

Beyond the basic send and receive functions of your email, there are many other aspects of your email platform that must be considered to ensure optimal performance. That’s where the experts at ATB Technologies can help; let us help you assess the overall functionality to ensure your business maintains its competitive edge.

Email Recovery

First and foremost, email must be mobile, allowing users to readily retrieve emails from a remote location – and multiple devices. If your organization’s email platform doesn’t offer full mobile capabilities, your business will quickly become less efficient than the competition – which can be a severe competitive disadvantage. Once your basic email functionality is correctly configured, the team at ATB can show you how enhanced enterprise features, such as instant messaging, telephone system integration, shared calendars and global address lists, can bolster your organization’s productivity and maximize your company’s ROI on technology investments.

In addition to end user functionality, your business’ email platform must also be safe and secure. Email is a primary gateway into all systems on your network, and without the necessary levels of protection and ongoing vigilance, one email virus can take down your entire organization. ATB’s team of professionals can help you ensure your email platform is protected using highly-rated and trusted filtering systems for all incoming and outgoing email correspondences.

Another important aspect of email security is encryption. Without the proper encryption, unauthorized individuals are able to read all information that is transferred over email during a remote session. ATB has the knowledge and expertise to help safeguard the privacy of your organization’s emails by implementing an encrypted connection for all access to email from outside the office.

If your email system is not providing your business with all of these protections, efficiencies and functionality, contact ATB to learn more about how we can help upgrade your email platform today, 314-878-4166.

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