As the debate over the merits (and pitfalls) associated the public cloud versus the private cloud continues, we are here to give you an alternate solution worth considering: the hybrid cloud.  While public clouds offer benefits such as cost savings, ease of use and scalability, private cloud computing is valued for its unrivaled security and control.

But you no longer need to choose; with a hybrid cloud solution, your business can effectively balance the use of internal assets and external services. For example, a company might use a public cloud service for email or workflow applications, but keep financial information, proprietary intellectual property and any other sensitive data on a private cloud.  Hybrid cloud computing is also tremendously helpful for businesses that are subject to state, local and/or federal regulatory requirements.  Under this model, data can be stored wherever regulations dictate (to ensure highest levels of security), while still remaining functionally accessible.

Still unsure if hybrid cloud computing is right for your business? Consider these benefits:

What’s more, while hybrid cloud computing has gained a reputation as being a privilege available only to larger enterprises, that’s no longer the case!  New, more affordable hybrid solutions have come online that provide small and medium-sized business (SMBs) with the infrastructure they need, at a price that is surprisingly affordable.

ATB Technologies has extensive experience with cloud technologies.  Our experts can help you evaluate your specific business needs and explain how hybrid cloud solutions can work for you! Contact us today to learn more about the benefits associated with the hybrid cloud.

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