IT Security In today’s world, one of the biggest threats to business is the data security breach. Cyber security is one of the leading area of IT and for good reason. The number of data breaches and identity theft cases has increased year over year. For every data security breach that we hear about in the news, there are probably another 20 that are not reported. Usually, the actual intrusion of a network by outside forces happens months before the security breach is detected and reported. By that time, all relevant information and important data has been mined and sold or exposed to the public.

IT security is more than just a strong firewall or an anti-intrusion device. IT security needs to be an ongoing process. The criminals that hack into companies’ data are always looking for newer and more effective ways to get around security measures that are in place. Because of this, it is imperative to understand that IT security is continual. It starts with education of the end users. A company can invest in the strongest firewalls and have the security policies in place, but if a user clicks on a bad link, or allows their password to be known, then those security measures are moot. Understanding why we should have strong passwords and consistent internet usage policy are the first lines of defense. Utilizing a good anti-spam software and having good virus protection are additional ways to help protect your network. Good, consistent network security policies that are enforced can go a long way to improving your network security and ensuring that your company’s important information isn’t compromised or stolen. Contact ATB today and let us work with you to develop a comprehensive security policy.