dataCenterIf you’re like many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), you might have purchased SAN technology 5 or more years ago to accommodate your organization’s storage needs. However, if you haven’t considered an upgrade to your storage system because it is “still new” you could be missing out on improved efficiency and cost savings.


As an example, an ATB client was using a 3 year old SAN that was quickly running out of space. In order to add storage space, they would have not only needed to buy more hard drive space and extend their warranty on the existing SAN, but they were also going to need to rent another cabinet at the data center – an additional $2000 per month – to accommodate their combined storage and telco expansion needs over the next year.   As we began to run the numbers for this client, and we started to discuss the feasibility of trading in the old SAN and upgrading to a new a new EMC SAN, we quickly realized that the long term benefits outweighed the costs.

With a new EMC SAN, the client reclaimed nearly half of a cabinet worth of space (the new SAN takes up about one tenth of the physical space, yet offers twice as much usable storage), thereby saving the additional monthly cabinet rental costs.  Additionally, while the tiered storage configuration of the old SAN provided sufficient performance for current use, the new-and-improved all Flash configuration of the new SAN helps ensure that this system will meet the future growth and performance demands of your business. When all factors were considered, upgrading to the new SAN provided this particular client with a 107% ROI over the next five years.  So, while there certainly was an upfront investment, the expenditure more than paid for itself.

At ATB, we firmly believe that sophisticated storage solutions aren’t just for large corporations and enterprises anymore.  Contact us today to learn more about how your small or medium sized business can benefit from today’s improved SAN technology.

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