St. Louis, MO.— ATB Technologies was recognized on the Small Business Monthly 2019 List of Most Innovative Companies in September 2019. The technology company received the honor due to its willingness to take on risk for their clients and test out cutting-edge technology before passing it on.

This award has been 17 years in the making, as ATB Technologies has quietly operated behind the scenes of some of St. Louis’s best companies. Now, ATB Technologies is stepping into the limelight and bringing their services to more of the city’s finest. On top of being named on the Small Business Monthly list, they have also been recognized as one of St. Louis’ 2019 Winning Workplaces.

Whether it’s finding success through innovation, using cutting-edge techniques, or striving for ultimate potential, ATB Technologies makes each of their customers’ missions possible with support from innovative and hand-tested solutions. No one wants to disrupt their small business with faulty new technology that puts their mission on hold. Too many bugs and security breaches are caused by holes in new products that haven’t been fully tested.

That’s where ATB Technologies steps in.

Internally, ATB Technologies encourages its engineers to innovate new technologies and stay on the cutting-edge. Then, when their clients are looking for the best in innovative software, ATB’s engineers are ready to hand-off pre-tested software and hardware. For example, when Skype for Business first came out, ATB’s engineers were working on finding the good, bad, and the ugly and identifying if it were safe for their clients to use by using it in their own business communications.

Whether a small business is looking for a new cloud computing software or device integration, ATB Technologies is the place to start. The software and hardware devices that they deploy have been hand-tested and fool-proofed via their highly trained team of engineers. Succeed in your business’s mission with the innovative technology you need, and none of the risk.

More about ATB Technologies: 

ATB Technologies has spent nearly two decades perfecting their technology-testing abilities to help clients succeed. After seeing so many “cookie-cutter” IT firms that focused on selling products, ATB took a different route, developing partnerships with clients who wanted to utilize technology to grow their companies.


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