Believe it or not, passwords can be the difference between a secure network and a compromised IT infrastructure.

Passwords serve to protect user accounts; however, a poorly constructed password may result in the compromise of individual systems, data or the entire network. But if your employees don’t understand what it means to have a strong password, how can you ultimately hold them accountable when a breach occurs? The answer might be simpler than you think! ATB has created a user friendly, Password Construction Guideline document that is free for you to download and implement at your business when you register on our website using the below form.

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By implementing Password Construction Guidelines, you can provide users (including employees, contractors or consultants within the company) with proactive direction regarding password characteristics. These guidelines should apply to all passwords from user-level accounts, system-level accounts and web accounts to email accounts, voicemail and local network device logins for routers, switches, firewalls and more!

Still not convinced that monitoring password configuration is important for your business? Consider these facts.

  1. Most users have the same password for multiple sites and a full third of users are likely to use a single password across all sites. This means that even if a user’s account is hacked elsewhere, your business is suddenly more vulnerable to hackers.
  2. The addition of a singular character to your existing password means there are exponentially more character combinations. There are quite literally billions more possible character combinations when you go from a 6 character password to an 8 character password.

As you are probably beginning to see, the use of strong passwords can slow – and frequently defeat – the various attack methods targeting your business’ security. And while the team at ATB definitely recommends using a multi-faceted authentication approach to achieve the best long term results, a strong password policy is an excellent place to start protecting your business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to download our free Password Construction Guideline document. Complete the form below and you’ll have access to our entire resource center which features several downloadable document templates designed to help small businesses enhance their IT security.

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