The Windows Server is considered the backbone of any corporate IT infrastructure. Promoting ease of use and versatility required by small and medium sized business, Windows Server 2012 offers a wide variety of benefits to small and medium sized businesses, including:

  • Security
  • Windows Server is more secure than ever before. It is now possible to enforce access at the domain level and apply policies to user roles, departments or even to users connecting from a specific connection. This is increasingly important when thinking about deploying servers in the cloud environment. Windows Server 2012 makes it relatively simple to install and maintain a remote environment as well as a virtual environment.
  • DirectAccess
  • Microsoft’s answer to VPN, DirectAccess allows for secure connections between the client and the corporate network without the performance drain associated with traditional VPN. DirectAccess not only provides the end user with a simplified and less frustrating experience as compared to VPN, but administrators also get more control over the machines. In the Windows Server 2012 environment, workstations can be managed from a central office location, as administrators can apply Group Policy using the same tools they use to manage computers physically located on the network. This increases the security of your organization’s entire IT infrastructure.

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