As your full time outsourced IT support resource, ATB Technologies provides the expertise, experience, ideology and personnel to enhance your company’s productivity, efficiency and bottom line. Over the years, we have worked with many organizations that have shifted from a fulltime, onsite IT staff to outsourcing their support to ATB. Often times, employees believe that since there is no longer anyone on site – all day, every day – the support will be lacking or less personal. Our approach has always been to work with the management team and assure the employees that we are committed to providing the best support possible. When we onboard new clients, we like to rotate 3-4 of our technicians onsite in the first few months. Being able to see a face rather than just a company name and voice on the phone helps develop rapport with the end users and gets them comfortable contacting our support team.

ATB works with many different types of clients, ranging from those who need our assistance on a one time project to those who utilize us for their complete IT support team. Our goal is for our support to fit your needs. While some other IT firms may offer you levels or packages which may or may not fit your company’s specific IT needs, we look to provide you with a plan that fits your technology and your budget. Our goal is to offer you a unique support package that resolves the issues you are having and implements a proactive approach that lessens the possibility of future critical outages.

Whether you’re a new client or a long term-partner, we follow the same detailed process to ensure that we understand your business, your needs and what is important to you. We conduct an extensive review of your company’s current IT systems and make recommendations that will play a significant role in the success of your business. Our outsourced tech support gives you the ability to focus on your business. With our monitoring tools and advanced notification system, ATB offers your company 24/7 tech support. You no longer need to worry about your IT team taking vacations, calling in sick or leaving for another position. Let ATB be your IT support specialist. Contact us today and we can begin to develop a plan to help you improve your IT support.

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