Let’s keep your organization protected.

Duo (a Cisco product) is a multi-factor authentication solution that makes securing remote workers easy on any device or application.

Users can securely access work from any location.

You get complete visibility on device access.

Your users will love easy (and secure) logins.

You can scale your solution easily under Duo’s SaaS model.

At ATB Technologies, we help mid-size and enterprise organizations in St. Louis to implement Duo solutions and secure remote work. We follow a proven process that removes friction in deployment, increases user adoption, and gives you peace of mind.

Work with our expert team to access decades of experience in cybersecurity implementation and in-house development capabilities that ensure a perfect fit.

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Here’s How We Solve Them.

What Makes ATB Different?

Scalable Implementations

We have deep expertise in mid-size (40+ workstation) businesses. We know the challenges you face and understand how to deploy technology as an advantage.

In-House Development

We offer an in-house team of development experts who can optimize your business systems. You won’t have to settle for platforms that aren’t tailored to your needs.

Remote Work Expertise

We've been providing remote work solutions since before it was mainstream. Implement a MFA solution with a partner that's been keeping remote workers secure for decades.

How Your Duo Implementation Will Work

1. Free Consultation.

Schedule a call to discuss your multi-factor authentication needs. We'll unpack your pain points and schedule time for more detailed analysis.

2. Needs Assessment.

A dedicated consultant will conduct a detailed technical analysis and craft a plan for friction-free deployment, implementation, and support as needed.

3. Tailored MFA Solution.

Should you choose to move forward, you'll receive a MFA solution powered by industry-leading technology and tailored to your needs by our expert in-house team.

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