Looking for a healthcare IT company?

For over decade, we’ve been providing St. Louis healthcare companies with IT services that empower better patient care and lead to fewer technology issues. We know that finding a local healthcare IT service can be difficult. Based on our expertise, here’s our take on the top providers currently serving the industry.

1. ATB Technologies

Sure, we may be biased, but we wholeheartedly believe in our ability to serve healthcare businesses with great IT. We never let our clients down; in fact, we haven’t lost a client for service issues in over five years.

We’re based in St. Louis, and our focus is on people-first solutions that give healthcare businesses an advantage. Here’s why we’re different:

We don’t do SLAs.

Other companies are careful to define the floor of their service and the details of how they’ll navigate worst-case scenarios. We don’t do SLAs because we’re more concerned with raising the bar.

We ensure you get flexible technology.

Other companies will push you towards a certain technology stack to make their margins bigger. Our experts will help you select from industry-leading tools, guiding you toward the best fit, not into a box.

We focus on partnerships that last.

Other IT companies chase new sales to replace dissatisfied clients. Our growth happens through long-term partnerships, which is why we haven’t had an unsatisfied client for over five years.

We have extensive experience in the healthcare space including familiarity with EMRs, HIPAA, and healthcare operations. We’re well-equipped to serve regional hospitals, multi-location health practices, and long-term care facilities.

You can learn more about our healthcare IT services here.

2. True North

While they do offer managed IT services for healthcare, True North is specifically focused on serving healthcare companies with cloud services. Here’s how they describe their service on their site:

“We host your healthcare IT on the fastest HIPAA compliant servers in the USA, and support you with a dedicated team of veteran IT pros who specialize in healthcare IT projects and strategy.”

If you’re looking to host your EMR in the cloud, True North is definitely worth taking a look at. However, if you don’t need a cloud provider, they may not be the ideal fit for your needs.

3. Dataprise

Dataprise is a national IT company, with offices all over the country, from DC, to NYC, to Arizona. Unsurprisingly, they serve a wide variety of industries, including legal firms, nonprofits, and, yes, healthcare organizations.

Here’s how they describe their healthcare IT offering:

“Since 1995, we have worked with many organizations in the healthcare industry, from small practices and national providers to large pharmaceutical companies and biomedical research facilities. You can rest assured that while your organization focuses on providing patients with a better quality of life, the technology you rely on daily is securely managed.”

If you’re looking for a large firm with a full range of general IT support capabilities, Dataprise may be worth a look. However, if you’re looking for a more personalized, local IT provider, you may choose to consider other options.

4. CMIT Solutions

CMIT Solutions is all-in on the managed services model; the acronym in the company’s name stands for Completely Managed Information Technology.

Like Dataprise, CMIT is a national IT provider. However, unliked Dataprise, they operate under a franchise model, meaning that each branch is owned by a franchisee. While they serve a variety of clients, they note that 24% of their clients are in the healthcare industry. They’re particularly focused on HIPAA compliance:

“We support both covered entities and business associates, and understand the deep responsibility of providing HIPAA compliant IT services. We released our own HIPAA compliance program in September, 2013.”

If you’re looking for HIPAA compliance from a national provider, they may be worth considering. As with Dataprise, though, if you’re looking for more personalized service, you may consider looking at other companies.

5. MedX Solutions

As you can tell from their name, MedX Solutions is specifically focused on the medical industry (although they also serve other small-to-mid-sized businesses. Unlike the previous two companies on this list, MedX is a local IT provider; they only serve Florida, with a service area covering Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota, and Ft. Myers.

Here’s how they describe their offering:

“We specialize in supporting the medical industry. For the past 10 years, we have specialized in supporting over 164 doctors in their Medical Practices, Surgery Centers, and Diagnostic Imaging facilities in the Tampa Bay area. Our technical staff has a combined 128 years’ experience in IT.”

Obviously, if you’re not in Florida, this company probably isn’t a fit. But if you are in Florida, they’re certainly worth consideration.

6. Brightside

Another southern-US company, Brightside is focused on the Atlanta metro area. They’re similar to MedX in that, while they serve a variety of SMBs, they focus specifically on the healthcare industry.

Here’s how they describe their services:

“We specialize in supporting medical offices with advanced IT solutions that keep your practice efficient and compliant. We can plan, install, setup and maintain your network, phone system, presentation systems, website or anything else you may need.”

If you’re searching for healthcare IT service in the Atlanta metro area, this company is worth checking out.

7. CareTech

CareTech is a bit different than the other companies listed here in that they focus on hospitals (as opposed to healthcare in general). Here’s how they put it:

“[CareTech enables you to] meet the growing demand for IT with flexible solutions that enable your hospital and empower your staff to deliver the level of care necessary to make a real difference in patients’ lives.”

Based in Michigan but serving the entire US, they offer a wide range of IT services, from outsourcing to digital transformation cloud services, to performance monitoring. Interestingly, they’re owned by HTC Global Services, a global IT company with a few other brands under its umbrella.

If you’re looking for hospital IT support, CareTech may be worth a look. But, if you’re not a hospital – or if you’re looking for personalized service – you may want to consider other choices.

8. CEI

CEI is another IT company worth looking at, especially if you’re considering managed HIPAA services. Here’s how they describe their offering:

“Our Healthcare IT Service offerings provide HIPAA-compliant storage of Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s) for many healthcare clients, and this experience has taught us that healthcare information systems support takes a 24×7 effort. We offer numerous helpdesk and Healthcare IT solutions.”

While they’re not specifically focused on healthcare IT, they do have deep experience with HIPAA. The firm is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, so if your healthcare organization is nearby, it may be worth considering their services. If you’re not in the North Carolina area, you may want to consider other options.

9. ScienceSoft

Unlike the other firms on this list, ScienceSoft is exclusively focused on healthcare IT consulting (as opposed to active support). Here’s how they put it:

“ScienceSoft provides hospitals, clinics, practices, assisted living facilities, labs, and other healthcare organizations with healthcare IT consulting services to help them adopt complex digital initiatives, provide digital patient care, optimize internal processes, improve the IT infrastructure, and more.”

If you’re considering how you can build sound healthcare IT infrastructure, ScienceSoft’s consultative services are definitely worth a look. However, it you need actual support, you’ll want to go with another provider.

10. Optimum Healthcare IT

Finally, Optimum Healthcare IT is another Florida-based IT company that, as their name suggests, focuses on the healthcare industry.

Their sweet spot, like ScienceSoft’s, is consulting and advisory services, especially around EHRs and EMRs. However, they also offer a staffing service, meaning that while they don’t support IT themselves, they’ll help companies staff IT needs.

Here’s how they put it:

“Optimum provides world-class professional staffing services to fill any need as well as consulting services that encompass advisory, EHR implementation, training and activation, EHR optimization, community connect, managed services, enterprise resource planning, security, and ancillary services – supporting our client’s needs through the continuum of care.”

If you need help with EMR or EHR, consider working with Optimum. However, if you’re looking to outsource your healthcare IT service, you’ll need to go with another option.

Ready to work with a healthcare IT service that will never let you down?

Hopefully, the list presented here is helpful as you evaluate healthcare IT service providers for your own needs.

Of course, the reality is that there are a variety of good healthcare IT services – but there’s one that’s best for serving your business’s needs. If you’re located around the St. Louis area, we believe that’s us.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward healthcare IT that’ll never let you down, get in touch with us online or at 314-878-4166.

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