Lenovo offers high end solutions for companies that are looking for top of the line, reliable machines, including workstations, laptops and tablets. Many small and mid-sized businesses choose Lenovo as part of their plan for future growth. Built for ultimate performance and reliability, Lenovo solutions are designed to enhance your organization’s productivity. And while Lenovo devices are generally not flashy, they will outperform almost any other device on the market and are solidly constructed.

Known for their workstations, Lenovo helps your organization tackle even the biggest jobs. Featuring the industry’s most powerful processors, coupled with tremendous memory and storage, Lenovo workstation solutions have been engineered to allow for custom configuration to meet your specific business needs.

With Lenovo laptops, you can give your workforce the mobility they crave, while also providing superior on-the-go performance that you demand. Lenovo laptop solutions have set the bar high, featuring unrivaled reliability and ultraportable power coupled with slim, lightweight designs. Lenovo’s tablets provide the versatility of a tablet coupled with the processing power of a laptop. Whether your sales force is presenting to prospective clients or your analysts are evaluating your business’ latest and greatest data, Lenovo’s Windows and Android tablets are fully adaptable and sure to meet the needs of a diverse workforce.

As your organization considers replacing older IT hardware solutions to meet new demands, return on investment – as opposed to just straight upfront cost – is an important metric to consider. While Lenovo solutions are rarely the least expensive option, companies that choose to upgrade their systems with Lenovo hardware often realize superior ROI. Let the team at ATB technologies help you assess your business’ specific needs and then show you the potential ROI that can be achieved by choosing Lenovo solutions.

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