Disaster recovery is the process an organization uses to recover access to their critical IT infrastructure – including hardware, software and data – that are needed to resume critical business functions after a total loss event or disaster.

Most organizations are so dependent on technology that a disaster recovery plan must be focused around how the systems will be brought back online and usable in the event of a catastrophic failure. As a result, resuming operation processes often becomes a secondary priority, because they are irrelevant without functioning systems.

Disaster recovery solutions for your business must include all data failure scenarios that are possible in a single plan.

Organizations that attempt to develop an array of separate disaster recovery plans based on individual types of failures rarely succeed, and if they do, the cost associated with them is tremendous.

Recovery plans must start with an issue as small as having a proven procedure in place to restore data locally on a machine and must scale up from there to the point where an efficient and effective plan is in place to restore the entire network at a new locations. These scenarios at each extreme, along with all the option in between, are vital to ensure business continuity in the face of disaster.

Once you have determined what your disaster recovery plan will look like, it is important to not only document it and publish it, but it is also essential that you communicate the plan to all relevant parties. Training on the disaster recovery procedures may seem like wasted time right now, but it will prove to be invaluable should disaster strike, as even the best laid plan can fail (or restoration can be severely delayed) if there is not a clear understanding of policies and procedures during a disaster or total loss event.

ATB Technologies has a proven process for setting up and implementing a single disaster recovery solution that will incorporate an array of circumstances, provide ample documentation and training tools, and be tested to ensure success under even the worst case scenario.

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