A dedicated private cloud works similarly to a public cloud solutions in many ways. First and foremost, like a public cloud, a private cloud is still maintained and operated by an offsite third-party provider, who supplies all of the compute resources. The biggest difference between a private cloud and most public cloud offerings is that with a dedicated cloud the compute resources are carved out from their data centers and dedicated exclusively for your use, while remaining segmented from the multi-tenant cloud architecture of your provider’s public environment. In other words, with a dedicated private cloud you will have specific resources located in a specific data center that are just for you to use. In a public cloud you will have resources in the cloud, but they will not be specified by location or hardware.

Private cloud

A dedicated cloud ensures that specific security measure, compliance requirements and business objectives are met while still maximizing the benefits of the cloud. Additionally a private cloud will provide easy scalability, generate additional opportunities for your organization and reduce upfront capital investments, as compared to a more traditional in-house infrastructure system.

For example, when you make the switch from traditional on premise severs to a dedicated private cloud, you no longer have to pay for:

  • Full time resources to manage the environment.
  • Acquisition and management of new hardware.
  • Operating costs, including power, bandwidth or physical space, associated with housing servers at your location.
  • Non-refundable perpetual licenses. With a dedicated cloud, you only pay for what you use and can reduce the number of users at any time.

Additionally, with a dedicated cloud solution your in-house technical personnel can maintain complete control the entire system, have full capabilities for configuration changes and can initiate design changes to the system as needed.

A dedicated private cloud is a great first step for any organization that has been contemplating a move to the cloud, but has concerns about a public or multi-tenant cloud environment. Our team of IT professionals is here to help you assess your options and determine if a private cloud is right for your business. Contact us today to learn more, 314-878-4166.

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