Virtual desktop

A cloud infrastructure refers to the various components, including servers, storage, virtualization software and operating systems that are necessary to facilitate your business’ computing needs. When an organization takes advantage of cloud infrastructure, they are able to leverage performance, uptime, scalability, reliability and availability in ways that would previously have been near impossible (if for no other reason than sheer cost). Businesses that implement a cloud infrastructure have the benefit of only paying for the server resources that they actually need and having the ability to increase (or decrease) resources such as memory and processing on demand. Cloud infrastructure can be paired with new or existing on premise infrastructures to create a more secure “private cloud” environment. This type of setup often proves to be especially beneficial to businesses which support multiple locations and/or have a workforce that frequently works remotely.

To further reduce IT administration and hardware costs, cloud infrastructure enables businesses to use virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to provide virtualized desktops for employees. VDI enables organizations to optimize their workstation requisition and maintenance routine. Using VDI, users can access their remote desktop from thin clients, terminals, workstations, tablets, smartphones and any other device that can connect to the host server. And because the operating systems and applications are “virtualized” they can be accessed by any device, regardless of which operating system (Microsoft, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.) they are running.

Additionally, VDI technology also provides additional benefits, including enhanced security. The network administrator has complete control over how each remote desktop is secured. For example, you can prevent users from copying data from the virtual desktop to a local machine. This means that when a remote user’s device is lost or stolen, you can quickly (and remotely) remove the VDI from that particular device and ensure that company data is protected.

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