SharePoint is a collaborative portal software from Microsoft that helps businesses increase productivity. At ATB Technologies, our goal is to help your organization make well-informed business decisions, not just basic IT decisions. With the implementation of SharePoint, ATB can help your business control costs and reduce risks, while also allowing end users to effectively collaborate, communicate and synchronize work efforts. This means that employees around the globe can now work with the same level of coordination and agility as a team members working out of a single office.

While many organizations (big and small) utilize SharePoint technology, not all of them use it the same way. One common thread among all organizations that use SharePoint, however, is their ability to enhance communication and improve the flow of information between users. Still not sure what SharePoint is or how it can work for your business? Consider some of these key features of SharePoint:


  • You can customize SharePoint to create an intranet portal that allows everyone in your company to go to one designated location to access news, announcements, scheduled tasks and a variety of business-related information and tools. Furthermore, within the intranet framework, dashboards can be customized by department or job to specify different levels of access and permissions.
  • SharePoint gives businesses an environment to share and store documents, so that files are not relegated to a shared drive on the network. Documents in SharePoint can be set up so they may be easily accessed by anyone in the company or they may be limited based on specific user permissions. And best of all, SharePoint allows for real time collaboration, as multiple users can work simultaneously on a single document, thereby streamlining the entire process.
  • SharePoint can work as an extranet platform, creating an external-facing site that your business is able to share with clients, vendors and business partners. This platform makes the sharing of files and information simple, and with dashboards, you can limit exactly who sees what and control exactly how they are able to engage with your site.
  • SharePoint’s use for business process management (BPM) can give small companies or enterprise-sized organizations more consistent business processes. You can use SharePoint to extend your accounting and/or ERP system to handle a specific “uniqueness” that your business or industry has, which may not be mainstream and possesses challenges when using “cookie cutter” software.
  • Your organization can effectively use SharePoint as a platform to house your company’s business intelligence (BI). By providing an easy way to index and search across your organization’s entire network, SharePoint can also help you discover patterns and understand trends or relationships over time, helping you to make faster and better informed business decisions every step of the way.

You can utilize SharePoint a variety of ways, depending on your industry, but one thing remains the same – SharePoint increases productivity and reduces costs. Let the team at ATB show you how we can help you maximize the impact that SharePoint can have on your business, and begin realizing the benefits today! Contact us to learn more, 314-878-4166.