Hello. We see you out there…don’t look away, we are just here to help.

You are a Mac user in a Windows environment. Or a Windows user in a Mac environment. There is no longer the need to look down as the IT person walks by or feel like Tom Hanks and Spalding when it comes to IT support. Once considered oil and water, Macs and Windows can play nice, if you know what you are doing (and we do). Over the years, both sides (Microsoft and Apple) have begrudgingly acknowledged the other to the point where you can have a mixed environment that allows you to work as you wish. Creatives on their Macs and bean counters on their PCs all living in harmony. Mac desktops and laptops and Windows servers connecting everyone to everything.

At ATB, we aren’t Windows techs or Mac techs, we are techs. We have clients that have all Windows PCs and Windows servers, Macs and Windows servers and all mixes in between. We have Microsoft certified techs and Apple certified techs. They work in harmony in our office (mostly) and so does their hardware. As companies look to offer more perks to lure top talent, being able to offer a mixed environment that allows employees to choose the computer that they prefer could give your organization an edge over the competition.

Since ATB has expertise in both Macs and PCs, you can utilize us for all your IT support. No longer is it necessary to engage two different support companies, only to invariably have them point fingers at the other when things go awry. Whether it is Windows 10 or Sierra, we can handle it for you. At ATB, we want to solve your problems, not create them. Call us today and let us show you how we can make your IT headaches go away.

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