When it comes to cybersecurity, trust nothing and verify everything. That’s the philosophy behind a cybersecurity framework known as Zero Trust. And in today’s world, it’s a vital strategy for businesses and organizations who want to do everything they can to defend against ever-growing cyber threats.

What is Zero Trust?
Zero Trust is a cybersecurity strategy in which a business establishes a protective barrier of protocols to stop malicious attacks before they can touch their data, resources and technological assets. It’s a security approach that assumes anyone or anything attempting to access a business’s resources cannot be trusted. This includes employees, users outside the company’s network, services and devices (e.g., laptops or smartphones brought into the business by employees or customers). A Zero-Trust methodology requires all users to be verified or authenticated each time they request access or to receive authorization to perform certain actions, such as downloading software onto company devices.

What can Zero Trust do for my business?
Zero Trust can protect your business at potential points of infection where malicious code or malware typically finds its way inside. Points of infection can include everything from lock ports on laptops to the downloading of software needed for everyday business. Zero Trust solutions block these malicious attacks by taking automated actions such denying a software download and requiring specific permission to ensure it’s safe. Such solutions enable companies to give permissions for the things they need, while blocking an ever-evolving array of cyber threats.

Where do I start?
A variety of tech vendors offer solutions that establish and automate Zero Trust protocols and barriers for businesses. If you’re looking for help determining your cybersecurity needs or sorting through options to implement Zero Trust for your business, ATB Technologies can help. Our cybersecurity support includes tools like AI-based endpoint detection and response, multi-factor authentication, disaster recovery, employee cyber training, Zero Trust and SIEM solutions, among others. Our IT experts can help you develop a solid plan for protecting your people, property and privacy. Find out more and reach out today at, contact us today! 

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