With every new day there seems to be a new story about a company’s information being hacked. Whether it is retailers, such as Target or Home Depot, or companies who we would think have stronger security measures such as Anthem Insurance or the recently hacked Scottrade online brokerage, it seems as if no company is immune from a security breach. As we watch these stories, usually at the end there is a sentence or two regarding “IT Security.” But, what is IT Security and what should be our goals when we are trying to secure our information?


IT security has expanded in the last 5 years to be much more than the traditional access control services traditionally provide by technical staff and consultants. Organizations can no longer rely on a good firewall, antivirus and patch management solutions to be their IT security approach. Attack points have grown exponentially, and are so often user caused, that these basic security tools are no longer enough. Information security management establishes the foundation of a comprehensive and proactive security program to ensure the protection of an organization’s information assets.


The goals of information security are to ensure that continued Confidentiality-Integrity-Availability of an organizations assets; both physical and informational. In order for organization to properly address information security today they must develop a Risk Management practice and develop an action plan to implement that practice. Security is no longer a one-time fix. It has become an ongoing process that must be continually monitored and improved upon and must have buy-in from not only the management of the company, but also all of its employees.


To discuss your company’s security and determine what you can do to help protect your assets, contact ATB Technologies today and set up a meeting with one of our security experts and begin developing a Risk Management Plan for your organization.

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