When was the last time you looked at your latest generation iPad and thought it was time to upgrade to a Microsoft product?  If you’re like most people, Microsoft has never really been on your radar for laptop and tablet technology.  But that’s all about to change with the recent debut of Microsoft’s Surface Book.  Featuring a detachable screen for use as a tablet alongside an exceptionally great keyboard dock, the Surface Book has officially blurred the line between tablet and laptop technologies, offering the best of both worlds.

The entry level Surface Book starts at $1500, but you can upgrade it to a Core i7 with Nvidia GPU and 1 TB of storage for around $3200.  The Surface Book is positioned in direct competition with a MacBook Pro, and while it’s probably hard for some to believe, initial reviews seem to give the Surface Book high marks. According to Microsoft, the Surface Book is twice as fast as a comparable model of the MacBook Pro.  And because the Surface Book’s screen detaches to become a standalone tablet, it offers unrivaled versatility so you can go from sitting at a desk doing work on your “laptop” to lying on the couch reading an e-book on your “tablet” without actually having to change devices.

Certainly Microsoft still has some kinks to work out on the Surface Book, but overall, it’s a pretty impressive machine.  Will consumers be willing to pay this premium price for a design-forward, Windows driven laptop?  Only time will tell, but let’s not forget that millions of people have been shelling out top dollar for Macs for years.  It just may take some getting used to if suddenly Microsoft is a frontrunner when it comes to a cool design aesthetic.

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