If you’re hesitant to upgrade to Windows 10, you’re definitely not alone.  There are plenty of reasons why users are inclined to stick with the older operating system including:

  • Your computer doesn’t meet the system requirements.
  • You use older or obscure peripherals.
  • You aren’t keen on “forced updates”.
  • You are a regular user of legacy desktop programs such as Windows Media Center.
  • You have privacy concerns, as Windows 10 collects data than previous versions in order to support high tech features such as universal device synching and Cortana.

virus protection

But whatever your reason is for sticking with Windows 7, it’s also important to inform yourself about potential security-related challenges associated with doing so. Even though mainstream support for Windows 7 ended in January of 2015, extended support will continue through January 14, 2020. 

What this means for you is that although there will not be any more upgrades to Windows 7, Microsoft will continue to offer security updates and system patches until 2020.  So, as long as you are diligent about installing all available updates, your system should be secure for now.  Just be sure you have a plan in place BEFORE extended support terminates in 2020, because after that point, there will be no more patches or updates and your system will quickly become an easy target.

Another consideration when sticking with Windows 7 is if you need to completely restore your computer and install a fresh copy of your operating system.  Until recently, Microsoft required you to go through the tedious process of downloading updates one at a time for Windows 7, but in April a convenience rollup for Windows 7 SP1 was released so you can efficiently install all updates and patches through April 2016.  From there you’ll still have to run Windows Update to install any more recent updates, but this is still a major timesaver as compared to waiting for thousands (literally) of individual updates to install.

At ATB, we understand that there are advantages and disadvantages associated with both Windows 7 and Windows 10.  Without knowing the specifics of your system and situation, we really can’t say which one is better for you.  But regardless of which operating system you decide to go with, we want to help ensure your computer system is always secure.  If you’re sticking with Windows 7 and aren’t sure your system is up-to-date, don’t hesitate to reach out to ATB.  We’re here to help!

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