As a small or medium sized business, are you aware that there are several significant advantages associated with storage area networks, better known as SANs, as compared to more traditional server storage?

SANforSMB-300x200 SAN for SMB

The top benefit of migrating to SAN is superior disk utilization and centralization. Because with SANs your storage is tied together through a centralized network, you also gain the ability to manage everything from one place. Unlike more traditional server storage, SANs give you the ability to draw from a central pool of resources at the network level that allows you to more strategically and precisely allocate storage space. And SANs are scalable without downtime, so you can grow your storage on-demand as your business grows rather than having to invest in expensive disk space upfront, as is the case with traditional sever-based storage.

SANs are also beneficial for any SMB looking for a reliable disaster recovery solution to cover multiple applications. If you are currently running critical applications on multiple servers in your datacenter that would need to be quickly recovered to maintain business productivity, you really should look no further than SAN. Unlike traditional servers, a properly setup SAN-based recovery solution can get you back up and running in almost no time. And the redundant hardware associated with a SAN is capable of handling multiple hardware failures without detriment to your business, meaning you’ll experience significantly increased availability of your data and almost instantaneous back up.

Though a SAN does require some upfront investment for any business, the ROI is almost always significant. Before you spend another penny upgrading your current server system, the team at ATB encourages you to learn more about how SAN can provide improved storage solutions (and peace of mind) for your small or medium sized business. Contact us for more information on SAN and other technologies that can benefit your SMB today.

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