Many small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are quickly coming to the conclusion that embracing digital transformation is a necessary step if they want to remain competitive. Indeed, failure to adopt a comprehensive IT strategy can result in missed opportunities to use IT to accelerate business growth.

So, what is an IT strategy? 

An IT strategy guides organizations on all aspects of technology management, including budget, vendor management, hardware and software, industry regulations, decisions about outsourcing, and more. It is imperative that this IT strategy be in alignment with your overall business goals, while also being flexible enough to adapt to changing priorities or circumstances.

The right IT strategy will help you define your business, its value and its purpose. It offers a roadmap that can lead you down a path of long-term growth. Yet for many SMBs, hiring a dedicated, full-time IT employee to guide this strategy is often not a viable option. Fortunately, a great cost-efficient alternative exists! 

vCIO: A better option for small and mid-sized businesses

ATB Technologies’ virtual chief information officer (vCIO) offering focuses on helping our clients stay on top of the latest technologies, collaborating on ways to best leverage technology, and guiding IT execution over time. The scope of ATB’s vCIO offering includes IT strategy, applications, technology infrastructure, budgets, vendors and partners, and support models. 

A vCIO partnership will help ensure you have the right IT foundation for your business, now and in the future. After completing a current state assessment of your business’ key IT components and working with you to understand the implications of your industry environment and regulations, we will work with you to develop and deploy integrated, sustainable business solutions that can be adapted over time to best meet your needs.

MSP vs vCIO — what’s the difference?
You might be wondering why you’d need a vCIO if you’re already employing an MSP? The answer is simple: Strategy.

An MSP plays a tactical role for its clients. It meets your organization’s needs right now, but may not be instinctively thinking ahead about how its tactics will work for your business after a period of growth or changes in your industry. While there is absolutely a place for this type of service — using tech to solve a known problem that is impacting your business right now is non-negotiable for many businesses these days — when it comes to investing in your business’ long term success, there are many benefits to choosing a vCIO service.

A vCIO is more proactive, especially with regards to your company’s future tech needs. The strategy-driven input a vCIO offers can help you maximize your technological budget and create a technological competitive advantage for your organization. Relying on the outside expertise of a vCIO also allows small business owners to focus more on their core business, instead of weighing the pros and cons of ever-evolving tech.

Today’s businesses rely on IT to survive and thrive. Let our team of IT experts help you develop a comprehensive IT strategy that implements and maintains the right IT solutions for your small or mid-sized business while also adapting that IT strategy for periods of growth and change! To learn more about ATB Technologies’ vCIO service offerings, contact us today.

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