Has your business ever experienced network downtime caused by human error, network failures, application bugs, storage failures or cyberattacks?  The answer is almost certainly yes.  And if you think the answer is no, it might be time to do a little investigating.  Believe it or not, network downtime and/or latency can have significant impacts on your business. pexels-photo-133021

Beyond the immediate dollars and cents associated with potential revenue losses, the long term implications associated with network downtime include everything from damage to reputation and goodwill, attrition of customers and strategic partners, diminished employee morale and satisfaction, compliance and/or reporting penalties resulting from delayed submissions, and reduced productivity. 

And while many businesses will tell you that their service availability goals are 99.9%, almost all (who are being honest) will tell you they virtually incapable of achieving that goal. And worse yet, many organizations don’t have a well-planned disaster recovery strategy to implement should a major outage occur, despite the documented fact that downtime events are becoming increasingly costly. 

At ATB, we believe in planning for the worst, so you are never caught off guard.  Our team of experts can help you look at what downtime really costs your business and help you devise a business continuity plan that will prevent your business from unnecessarily hemorrhaging money in the event of a network outage.  Don’t procrastinate any longer – contact ATB today to learn more about disaster and recovery planning.

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