If you are like many small and medium sized businesses, you would probably agree that legacy data centers have traditionally lacked efficiency and scalability without significant economic investment.  But with hyperconverged infrastructure businesses are able to cost effectively increase functionality and enhance business agility.  By delivering virtualization, storage, compute, network, management and data protection in a manageable and scalable application, hyperconverged infrastructure gives even the smallest organizations the ability to cost effectively manage complex infrastructure.

There are several key benefits to hyper-converged infrastructure, including:

Simplicity.  In the past, if you were looking to deploy a more robust infrastructure, you would need make a significant investment in new servers, virtualization software, management tools, networking, etc.  However, with hyperconverged infrastructure all of these individual systems are combined into one, meaning that your IT administrator can easily install and manage all of these functions from a single clustered platform.

Scalability.  Hyperconvergence allows for more efficient use of resources.  Whereas before companies needed to make large investments in order to realize infrastructure benefits, hyperconvergence allows for infrastructure enhancements on an “as needed” basis.  With its much smaller “step size”, small and medium sized businesses can afford to upgrade infrastructure more regularly and maintain resources that are in line with their growing business needs.

Affordability. By streamlining more complex infrastructure, hyperconvergence allows smaller IT staffs to maintain sophisticated computing systems. As an increasing number of business environments are able to achieve enhanced data efficiency and protection without the high costs or complex integration traditionally associated with legacy data centers, more and more businesses will be able to successfully compete in the modern marketplace.

Hyperconverged infrastructure generally brings simpler designs, decreased overhead and simplified vendor management to highly virtualized environments.  If you are a small or medium sized business looking to upgrade your storage or server platforms, we encourage you to consider the benefits of a hyperconverged system.  To learn more about whether or not hyperconverged infrastructure is right for you, contact ATB today!

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