Bad news in the business world: People are expected to switch jobs at record rates this year as part of what’s being called a “job tsunami.”

In the wake of the pandemic, a study by Achievers Workforce Institute found that around 40% of the workforce will leave a position this year, due to issues ranging from the technological to the interpersonal.

But the most troubling factor is this: According to survey respondents, only 21% of employees feel “very engaged” at work. That’s awful, and it impacts every aspect of businesses, from internal engagement to end deliverables.

Based on the data, the workplace cultural landscape is generally discouraging. But we’re convinced there’s a better way – because we live it.

We were recently named to Inc. magazine’s list of Best Workplaces for 2021. It’s recognition for an approach that’s allowed us to maintain abnormally high employee retention rates.

The reality is that the world is changing, but the workplace is more important than ever. At ATB, we’ve found that through a commitment to culture and an enthusiasm for employee wellbeing, everyone wins, even in the midst of a job tsunami.

Here’s how we’ve created the award-winning culture we’re proud of – and how our clients win, too.

People come first.

This is the principle we’re built on. We know our people matter, and we make sure they know it, too. We preach teamwork, connection, and community. That focus stands out to our employees.

“Our company does a great job of creating a culture of caring and loyalty,” says Chris Miller, VP at ATB Technologies. “It starts at the top and plays out in our hiring processes and through our internal collaboration.”

Practical steps make culture real.

The principle of “people first” is one thing. The practice of it is another.

Most companies pay lip-service to culture. Many even trumpet slogans like the phrases we’ve written above: “People come first” or “Our excellence is in our employees.”

It’s great, in principle. But if it’s not tangible, it’s not true.

At ATB Technologies, we’re intentional in making culture tangible. For example, here are just a few of the practical steps we take to make work better for our employees:

  • We host three-times-per-week paid lunches for our team.
  • We offer weekly in-office happy hours.
  • We offer unlimited vacation.
  • We provide stipends for training and certifications.
  • We provide 100% company-paid health insurance.
  • We provide 401(k) matching.

Basically, we put our money where our mouth is. Our benefits are designed to support our employees so that they can better support themselves, their families, and our clients.

Culture creates client victories.

Perhaps the ultimate measuring stick of a company’s culture is its client experience.

It’s easy to tell when you’re being served by people who don’t love what they do and don’t like who they work with. Inevitably, client results suffer, because disengaged employees lead to dissatisfying services.

In truth, you probably won’t choose to be served by these kinds of people for very long.

At ATB, we’re honored by the fact that we haven’t had a dissatisfied client in over five years. That retention rate is proof that our quality culture leads to quality IT support.

Client experiences depend on company culture, and when our employees win, our clients do, too.

Want to learn more about the ATB team?

The world has experienced a digital change point due to Covid. The American workplace is experiencing the effects of remote technologies and changing employee desires – but culture is still critical.

At ATB Technologies, we’re honored to be recognized for our commitment to our company culture in the wake of the global pandemic. It’s allowing our team to remain steady in the midst of the job tsunami – and it’s the reason why we continue to deliver outstanding IT support to our St. Louis clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about our team and culture, get in touch with us today. Whether you’re looking for IT support or for a culture that makes you excited to deliver it, we think you’ll like what ATB has to offer.

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