We’ve said it before and I’m sure we’ll have to say it again – the time to implement a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy is NOW. All too frequently we hear about companies that have either insufficient recovery plans or no plan at all, who only realize the importance of a robust disaster recovery plan once it’s too late. And the importance of such a recovery plan is only increasing.

In the past, a simple regular backup of your data to a server on your network, for example, was considered “good enough.” But those days are gone. In today’s world filled with sophisticated hackers, ransomware and viruses that can take down an entire system in a matter of minutes, disaster recovery is all about how quickly can you get your business back up-and-running even if all of your local information is corrupted or encrypted such that you no longer have access to it (without paying a hefty ransom).

At ATB, we regularly help our clients devise disaster recovery plans that can help them weather even the most severe of cyberattacks. At the end of the day, all the training and prevention in the world probably won’t keep your data and system totally safe. The only way you can be sure you’ll have the upper hand if your system is impacted by a ransomware or other significant malware attack is to have a secure backup system that is physically separated from the rest of your information.

There is no one-size-fits-all “magic bullet” plan that we can recommend, but one thing is universally true: if you get infected with ransomware without a well-considered plan in place, you’ll probably be left with one option – pay up and hope that the cyber-criminals actually return your files in good working order (without any additional malware or viruses attached in the background). So if we finally have your attention, and you’re interested in finding out where your company’s vulnerabilities are and what specific actions your organization should immediately take to ensure you can quickly recover from even a significant attack, we encourage you to contact us today. The team of experts at ATB is here to help.

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