Five future-forward tech gift ideas to make it the best blue(tooth) Christmas ever! 

The holidays are here, and time’s running low. We all want to give gifts that are personal, thoughtful and heartfelt. But what do you give to that friend or loved one who’s always difficult to buy for? 

At ATB Technologies, we work hard to provide tech support and assistance that never lets you down. At this busy time of year, we put our heads together to find five unique tech gifts that are perfect for your most difficult gift recipient. These gift ideas provide tech solutions that range from making life easier and fun to making your days more healthy and convenient. Take a look at our suggestions: 

Ember Coffee Mug

You know that one friend who hates when their coffee gets cold? The Ember Coffee Mug offers the perfect solution. This smart coffee mug keeps your coffee warm and allows you to control the temperature with an app on your smartphone. The mug ensures your coffee stays hot for 80 minutes on a full charge or for all day with its charging coaster. Pick your perfect temperature and never suffer a cold cuppa joe again. Comes in 10 or 14 ounce variants. The cup is not dishwasher safe, but washable by hand. Find it here.

Nanoleaf Canvas

Holiday lights bring warmth and cheer to the cold winter nights. Now you can gift the same feeling to your friends or family all year long with Nanoleaf Canvas. These square light panels are both decorative and functional. Place them on a flat surface anywhere in your home and in any configuration to provide custom illumination and varying colors and levels of light. The light panels connect to an app so you can customize the experience, delight your senses and set the mood. Find it here.

Loftie Smart Alarm Clock

Give the gift of better sleep and overall wellness. Adequate sleep is important to our mental and physical health. Now, you can help your loved ones by giving them their own personal sleep assistant with the Loftie Smart Alarm Clock. The device can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with settings for white noise, nature sounds or sleepy stories. If you’d prefer falling asleep to your own music, the device doubles as a bluetooth speaker. You can also chill out with breathwork, meditations and sound baths and set gentle alarms to wake you up. Find it here

Workout Mirror

Give the gift of fitness and make it easy with the In-Home Studio Fitness Mirror. No more getting up in the cold to go to the gym or maintaining a membership you never use. Take your normal exercise classes live or on-demand or try something new like kickboxing, Tai Chi or meditation from the comforts of your own home. When it’s off, the device looks like an elegant mirror in your home. When it’s on, it’s the centerpiece of your workout experience (Studio Membership required). You can even turn on the device’s camera for live interaction and motivation from instructors. Find it here and use the code CHICPU14 for an additional $50 off. 

Meta Quest 2

Help your loved one get away to another world with the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. The beauty of this VR headset is users can experience virtual reality and gaming without the need for a PC. All software is loaded inside the headset with storage for 128GB or 256GB (must have a Meta account to use). Enjoy immersive multiplayer games, incredible 360-degree videos and more using the device. Find it here

ATB offers industry-leading assistance for business technology needs and valuable support that can enhance your company’s security and protect your people, property and privacy. And while we cannot support the devices on our gift guide, we find them great for home! We wish everyone a healthy, safe and fun holiday season.

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