Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) dominated technology discussions, innovation and even the news during 2023. With a new year rapidly approaching, the same topics will remain front and center as companies and managed service providers (MSPs) move into 2024, according to ATB Technologies IT experts who networked with other IT professionals at conferences across the country this year.

As part of its efforts to remain up-to-date on the latest technologies, innovations and issues, members of the ATB team attended several IT conferences this year, including DattoCon in Miami, Channel Futures MSP 501 in Miami, IngramOne in Nashville, and IT Nation Evolve in Orlando.

The big takeaways included the tech industry’s enhanced focus on cybersecurity and compliance, as well as AI and automation.

“I am finally seeing consolidation in the security vendors, which should bring about simplified and more comprehensive software solutions,” said Christopher Miller, ATB Technologies Vice President. Simplifying cybersecurity is key to encouraging more companies and industries to embrace protecting their people, property and data from cyber attacks. 

According to Datto’s “MSP Pulse for 2024: Global Trends and Forecasts,” managing too many different cybersecurity products is among the top three barriers to businesses improving their cybersecurity. Other barriers include the complexity of cybersecurity products and hiring skilled cybersecurity professionals. Simplifying a complex problem is becoming increasingly important as cyber criminals attack industries where disruptions could mean a life-or-death situation, such as hospitals. A recent cyber attack in the news shut down one health system’s emergency rooms in three states, causing patients to be diverted to other hospitals. 

Cybersecurity support for clients remains a top concern for MSPs like ATB Technologies, especially given that almost a third of MSP customers fail to prioritize cybersecurity. According to Datto’s report, “The 28% of customers who do not prioritize cybersecurity present a massive vulnerability, directly impacting MSPs who bear the responsibility for their clients’ safety.” Miller said a new initiative is designed to help simplify a solution for this concern. 

“A new product I really liked was Cybersecurity Warranty from Cork,” Miller said. “This is different from a cybersecurity insurance policy and requires no deductible, so it can actually be used to pay your cybersecurity insurance deductible if you were to ever have a cyber breach.”

Cork is a cyber warranty company for MSPs serving small businesses (SMBs) and the software solutions they manage. The company’s platform offers MSPs and their client’s peace of mind with near-instant coverage and settlements in the aftermath of security incidents. 

Another trend the ATB team also noted is the prevalence of AI being injected into every software on the market, including powerhouses such as Window 11 and Adobe. Many of the new AI integrations are focused on streamlining user actions, automating repetitive tasks and generally providing more efficiencies and cost-effectiveness for both businesses and their employees. 

One thing is for certain: Constant change in the technology landscape means companies need the support of IT professionals to wade through the choices available to support their business goals and to implement their preferred solutions. That’s where companies like ATB Technologies can make a difference. ATB’s IT professionals stay abreast of the latest developments in technology advancements in order to support their clients. If your business needs support navigating these complexities, ATB can help. Find out more and reach out today!

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