Virus protection is vital to any organization, regardless of size, industry or complexity of your IT infrastructure. Without one of the best virus protection products in your court, your business is at risk for long term outages and massive data corruption and/or loss. The team at ATB Technologies has the knowledge and expertise to guide your decision makers as they select what anti-virus software strategy makes most sense for your business. As part of the anti-virus protection you receive from ATB, your network and devices will be protected from a wide range of malicious programs including Trojans, ransomware, spyware, adware, keyloggers, rootkits, actual viruses as well as any new malevolent software.

virus protectionIn addition to helping ensure these programs never find their way onto one of your devices, our virus security software has the ability to scan your computer in real time. When a file or folder is accessed by an unauthorized program, our anti-virus software will flag and quarantine the program in question before it ever gets a chance to run. This proactive monitoring is the single most effective way to ensure your network remains virus free; however, as new viruses are developed, sometimes things do slip through the cracks. That’s why our virus protection software also has the ability to run and clean your computer while it is being booted, to ensure that any infections are identified before the virus has a chance to run itself.

ATB’s software sends out alerts when an anti-virus action is taken, such as a file being placed in quarantine or a suspect computer coming online, and warns us directly if further action needs to be taken. This comprehensive virus protection system is essential to help ensure sensitive information on your network is secure. Without the best virus protection on the market, unwanted or even illegal software has the potential to run on your devices and network without your knowledge and cause tremendous damage that are costly (and often near impossible) to repair.

Let the team at ATB Technologies help you implement a robust virus protection strategy that is sure to help keep your IT infrastructure and data safe. Call us now to learn more, 314-878-4166.