Email is one of the most common ways a computer or network can become infected with a Trojan or virus. With the proper email security protocol you can efficiently and effectively minimize network downtime and preserve employee productivity. Using the best anti-spam software on the market, the team at ATB Technologies can help you actively respond to new spam threats while also blocking mass, bulk, junk and otherwise inappropriate email content.

Anti Spam SoftwareUnlike many anti-spam solutions on the market, our email security software makes decisions regarding whether or not a message is spam based not only on the sender’s email address, but also by analyzing the email subject lines and message content. Because we only utilize the best anti-spam technologies, we can effectively block messages from a specific user or domain as well as by type of attachment. We can also specifically allow (or white list) certain messages based on the same criteria, so that you can rest assured that important emails are not getting “lost” in the anti-spam software.

Beyond the risks associated with certain spam emails, you can also use this email security technology to block emails from unwanted parties – even if they don’t contain potentially harmful content. In other words, our anti-spam software can increase the productivity of your workforce by eliminating messages that have no relevance to them or their work. Users will notice an immediate decrease in their workstation frustration, as our anti-spam services also help to maintain their computers. Imagine not having to spend the first 30 minutes of each day deleting unwanted or inappropriate emails from your inbox or phone.

And last, but not least, when you choose to use ATB’s email security software, you gain the added benefit of an email “safety net.” Our solution is able to hold incoming emails should the email server become unreachable. Because of this feature, you’ll never have to worry about emails getting lost due to maintenance or a server outage again.

Email security is an essential component of any IT strategy in today’s business world. Let the experts at ATB Technologies help ensure your organization is protected today, 314-878-4166.