Voice Solutions Business needs are quickly evolving. While there is plenty of new communications and collaboration technology out on the market today, one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to upgrade your technology is to replace your existing business phone system with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. At ATB Technologies, we recommend VoIP for many of our small to medium sized business clients who are seeking more advanced telephony features without the significant costs associated with a traditional PBX phone system. VoIP systems provide notable benefits as compared to the legacy phone companies and phone systems, including:

  • Cost savings: local and long distance charges are considerably reduced, as voice traffic travels over the internet, as compared to traditional telecommunications lines which require massive infrastructure investments and costly maintenance.
  • Multimedia integration: businesses can leverage various components of their unified communications strategy – such as video technology, email, chat, CRM systems and more – to enhance internal communications and increase productivity.
  • Phone portability: the old phone companies assigned a number to a dedicated, hard-wired phone line, but when your voice service is over the internet, you can assign your number to any phone, just about anywhere you have IP connectivity.
  • Upgradability: internet-based voice solutions can be easily and inexpensively upgraded as technology improves or your business’ needs change as compared to the costly and cumbersome upgrades associated with traditional phone systems.

Compared to traditional telecommunications, VoIP, also known as online telephony, gives you greater flexibility, greater control and greater oversight all at a significantly lower cost of operation. VoIP offers small and medium sized businesses the same types of communications tools which were previously only available to only the largest corporations. Stop overpaying for phone service, let ATB work with your business to identify the best VoIP service for your needs today, 314-878-4166.