A software-agnostic approach to minimizing your ERP’s total cost of ownership (TCO) and maximizing its ROI

From heightened business intelligence (BI), to improved business process efficiency and reduced labor costs, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has benefits for companies of all shapes and sizes.

In order to fully realize all of these benefits it’s critical that companies choose the right ERP software and carefully plan the implementation process.

Turn to the Experts

Most businesses update their ERPs every 10 – 12 years. By the time you begin the process of upgrading, your business’ understanding of ERP selection and implementation is likely as out of date as the software itself.

That’s why it’s best to turn to the experts—they’ll be able to give you a better understanding of the current ERP landscape and which software will work best for your business.

When it comes time to replace—or perform significant updates to your ERP system, there are three main options:

1. Work with the software vendor

Software vendors have broad and deep knowledge about their ERP offerings. They’ll be able to accurately tell you about their product.

But vendors have a vested interest in selling you on their ERP product rather than seeking out the software that will work best for your business.

There’s an old saying: If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Ask a vendor if their ERP software is the best fit for your business, and you can bet the answer will be ‘yes.’

2. Work with a value-added reseller

Many ERP consultants are actually vendor representatives. If you’re working with a consultant, make sure they rep more than one software vendor. Otherwise, you’ll have the same experience as working with the vendor directly: this consultant will find the best brand-specific hammer software, but perhaps not the best software on the market.

3. Work with a software-agnostic ERP consultant

A software-agnostic ERP consultant will have detailed knowledge of every ERP software available on the market. And because they aren’t invested in any particular brand, they’ll be more inclined to find the ERP solution that delivers the best results for you.

At ATB, we hold ourselves accountable for the ROI of your ERP system from selection and implementation to ongoing maintenance. We are software-agnostic and hammer free, so we’ll take the time to understand your company’s unique challenges and work tirelessly to find the best ERP solution regardless of manufacturer.

ATB Technologies takes single-source-responsibility for the success of your ERP solution

We’ll be there at every stage of the process to:


Seek out the best solution for your business.

Customize the software to your needs

Ensure that the software you choose provides value.


Plan properly

Manage the project from start to finish

Keep costs and timelines within budget.


Manage updates

Handle maintenance

Monitor ongoing functionality to keep up with your company’s needs as you grow and evolve.

About ATB Technologies: St. Louis’ premier end-to-end provider of infrastructure, development, and ERP solutions.

ERP’s aren’t one-size-fits-all. And neither are our clients. That’s why, rather than representing a specific ERP vendor, we focus on your needs and research the best solution—regardless of brand. We’re experts in IT, but our specialty is understanding clients’ needs and delivering results.

ATB understands the ERP landscape and how the latest trends impact companies of all shapes and sizes. So, whether your business is a local start-up growing fast, a regional mid-sized organization, or an international enterprise, you can rest easy knowing we’ll walk you through each step of the way. That means we’ll:

  • Research the best solution
  • Hold ourselves accountable for the end result
  • Ensure seamless maintenance
  • Work towards your desired ROI
  • Serve as a liaison between
    • your company and the software vendor
    • management and apprehensive employees
  • Safeguard against delays
  • Minimize conflict
  • Protect against cost overruns

Schedule a free consultation with our team of ERP experts and we’ll start looking into the right business process solution for you today.

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